Imagine for a moment if you will the following scenario – you are accessing your email from a public internet café overseas and you see an email from a potential client who desperately needs to speak to you on the phone. The deal is worth $200 but you know that you are going to spend 30 minutes on the phone. Do you pay $8 a minute for international calls from your hotel room, do you try to make an international call from a public telephone when you don’t properly understand the currency or do you use your home mobile phone and spend upwards of $10 per minute on calls with exorbitant roaming charges?


Chances are that you won’t do any of these things and you will lose a client. It would cost you more to make the call to close the sale than Sim Mobifone you are going to make out of this transaction. But, what about any future transactions that you may miss out on.


The thing is that it does not have to be this way. If you are a regular international traveller for business or pleasure you could (hey, you should) buy a world SIM card. In the example given above if you had a one of these cards you may find that international call rates are only $1-$2 per minute. Whilst you still may end up spending $60 or more on your call it is still worth it as the sale is worth more than this to you. With a world SIM card you get a happy client and you get to keep in touch.


Another great benefit of a these cards, and why every international business traveller should have one of these, is that in most countries you will not pay to receive incoming calls. It is this paying to receive calls that is the killer for most people who use their home mobile phone overseas. These roaming charges can be huge and you are not even making calls.


Some world SIM cards that are out there on the market also have other benefits that are worth looking at. One that I am especially fond of is the translation service. This can be especially useful if you are in a country where you don’t understand the language- I especially like it when catching a taxi.


Do yourself a favour and order yourself a world SIM card today. That way it will arrive before you leave for your next trip. I promise you that you won’t regret it.