The food eaten just after a workout session is normally the most important one of the entire day. However, in a lot of cases this importance also leads to confusion. It might be due to the several ready-made shakes available. Finding it tough to fit it in with the rest of the diet can also be a reason. Complete ignorance on the entire subject can also be a reason. Whatever the reason may be, but something relating to this diet confuses people.

We must note that to have the muscles we dream of, we need to have that mass as well. Exercising just tones the body, but if we do not provide mass to our body we would have very little volume to tone. Proper volume can be reached only through proper rich diets.

However a complete understanding of the nutrients needed by our body and the ones not needed by our body and the sources of the required nutrients would make the post workout meal the easiest and the quickest. It is just our ignorance which complicates the entire subject.

The post workout meal should consist of mainly two nutrients – protein and carbohydrate and must not contain one nutrient that is fat. Leaving the nutrients the meal should be accompanied by lots of water as we lose a lot of water while we exercise. Fat should be avoided in this particular meal as fat slows down the digestion process and affects the digestion of protein and carbohydrates as well. Our body needs to digest the post workout meal fast. Thus fat should be avoided in this particular meal.

After knowing what to eat what is important to know is when to eat. Food should be taken as fast as possible after a workout session along with lots of water. The meal should be taken within 1 hour of the session.

The main idea is to digest the meal as fastĀ Bodybuilding sarms as possible thus the best meal would be a protein shake supported with lots of vegetables. Egg white, tuna fish and chicken are also good sources of protein but they are digested slowly by the body. Thus, protein shake is the best protein source for the body at that time as it is digested fairly quickly by the body.

Vegetable salads provide the much needed carbohydrate balance to the diet. Carbohydrates are extremely important for the body post exercise as the body uses up the carbohydrates to restore body glycogen. If carbohydrate is not included in our diet, then the body might even break down the muscle tissue for the purpose of restoring glycogen. Baked potato is a good choice as carbohydrate source.
Sugar and salt are minerals which our body looses out during the entire exercise session. It is important for us to replenish our body the minerals through our food but not over do it at the same time.